The best sports betting strategies

In this article we will consider the best sports betting strategies, their disadvantages and advantages. In any case, we will try to give answers to all the questions that arise from both beginners and advanced bettors.

Sports betting strategies

Total as a strategy for betting on sports

Total is called the result of a match or meeting, expressed as the sum of the scored goals (points). The most important criterion for the method is to determine the total score of the match, and not to know which team will win and which team will lose, that is why there are two types of betting on the total. Total more, which means that the number of points will be more than the number specified by the player and, similarly, less total, in which the number of points should be less than the declared.

  • The advantages of the method include the fact that you do not need to be a real guru to make a successful bet. It is enough to possess the statistics on the player or team, which can easily be found on the Internet.
  • The disadvantages of this strategy should include low odds on, understandable to all, the outcomes of events, as well as a large amount of time spent in analytical research to select bets with good odds.
  • Having considered the pros and cons, it should be concluded that the total belongs to the strategy of betting on sports with minimal risk.

Lifehack: odds will always be more profitable if you bet on totals before the match, as bookmakers live follow the development of the game of different teams or players and lower the odds, depending on its outcome.

Accurate score betting

The objective of this strategy is to predict and determine the exact score of the selected event. Undoubtedly, the average layman may have a false impression of this method, which lies in the fact that betting on the exact score is based solely on luck. In reality, this is not the case.

Advanced bettors who study the performance statistics of the teams in detail, as well as take into account the factors that influence the score, determine not only the winner of the contest with good accuracy, but also how strong the lead will be.

  • The main advantages of this method are the good odds, as well as the ability to make a lot of bets, insuring the player against unwanted risk.
  • As for the disadvantages, it should be noted that this method is more suitable for users with experience than for beginners, as it requires great prediction accuracy and good analytical skills of the betting user.

Having studied the main advantages and disadvantages, we can conclude that betting on an exact score is a very profitable sports betting strategy that requires special attention to the analytical part of the process.

Lifehack: applying this tactic, it is advisable to make several bets at once, to insure yourself against unwanted risks.

Bookmaker’s forks

Bookmaker’s Fork is a truly win-win strategy for betting on sports.The method is to bet on all of the possible outcomes. Following the iron logic, one of the bets placed will clearly win, regardless of any outcome of events.

Let’s take soccer as an example. A match is expected to have 3 outcomes. In three BKs the odds for the matches are different. To check if there is a fork, we take unit and divide it by each of the odds, then add up the results. There is a fork if the sum is less than one, which means that regardless of the outcome, the player will always win.

  • The main advantages of the strategy are guaranteed winnings and its exact calculation.
  • Probably the disadvantages are low profitability and painstaking search for the forks themselves.

Lifehack: Forks appear quickly and disappear as quickly, so it is very important to have time to bet, for this purpose keep the amounts on the gaming accounts in different bookmaker companies.

Betting on a favorite who made a mistake at the beginning

As a rule, betting on the clear favorite of the event does not make much sense because of the very low odds. The risk of losing on the bet completely does not justify the small winnings at all. Therefore, this strategy implies finding the right moment to win while watching the live broadcast. One such moment can be a mistake by the favorite at the beginning of the match. In this case, the bookmaker will instantly raise the odds.

  • The big advantage of betting on the favorite who made a mistake at the beginning of the event is, of course, the high odds.
  • The disadvantages of this method, without a doubt, include the risk of overestimating the favorite and the possibility of not distinguishing an accidental error from the unpreparedness of athletes.

Strategy 3×85

It is no secret that during large-scale events in the world of soccer different matches are played simultaneously and this allows you to watch several matches at the same time. Presented method assumes that the player will wait for 85 minutes and bet on the total, because by this time the athletes usually have no strength, and, consequently, the probability of a serious change in the outcome of the event begins to fall rapidly.

  • The high odds, despite the high probability of success of the bet, is certainly the main advantage of this method.
  • The big disadvantage is the high risk. As a consequence of failure, in any of the events, the entire express has a chance of failure.

Lifehack: To get odds up to 1.6, bet on the total in all matches. However, be vigilant with 

Asian championships. As practice shows – they are almost unpredictable.

The Martingale Strategy

This method is widespread in roulette. The probability that it will fall out red or black is fifty to fifty. If you project the strategy in the area of sports betting, the coefficient will be two. The meaning of the method is to put a certain amount of money on events with odds of 2, because doubling the bet in case it loses, guarantees the exit in the plus, when it finally plays.

The advantage of the Martingale method is in the stable yield to the plus on the results of certain time limits, with the systematic observance of the rules.

For this strategy, the player must be the owner of a thick wallet and iron nerves. This, without debate, refers to the disadvantages. Also from the disadvantages we will allocate the existing probability of setting sudden limits on bets.

Anti-martingale strategy

The basic principle of the strategy is to decrease the bet after losing and increase it after winning. Undoubtedly winning series when using this method become more profitable, and losses in unsuccessful series rapidly decrease.

An undoubted advantage of the method is to minimize the probability of losing gambling capital. In contrast to the Martingale strategy presented above.

The disadvantages include the fact that if the total number of wins over a certain period of time will be low, the size of bets will fall. Of course, this disadvantage can be used as a learning tool.

The Dalamber Strategy

The essence is to reduce the amount of the next bet by one after each winning bet. And after each losing bet, on the contrary, increase by one. It is worth noting that the method works if the odds are more than 2.

Even if only half of the bets are successful, you are already at a decent profit. Because the size of new bets significantly exceeds the unsuccessful ones. A big disadvantage is the risk of losing capital.

Antidalamber strategy

This method is the exact opposite of the classic Dalembert strategy. After each winning bet we raise the amount of the next bet, and after a losing bet we lower it.

  • The advantages of this method include the fact that it is possible to start earning good money. With only a hundred dollars on the account in the bank and with a passability of bets of about 60%.
  • The main disadvantage of the strategy is the risk of making a lot of unsuccessful bets.

Oscar Grinde strategy

  • The essence of the strategy: when you lose, the bet amount remains the same, and when you win, the amount rises by one unit.
  • This method works subject to certain rules: odds should be at least 2.00; there should be enough playing capital for at least 8-10 steps ahead.
  • One of the main advantages is the minimization of risks.
  • And the main disadvantage is the high risk of getting on a long series of failures.

Strategy by Kelly criterion

The essence of the strategy: for every bet the player allocates a certain part of his bank. Firstly it is determined by the size of the bet on any outcome. The size of the bet depends on the size of the bank and the player’s confidence in the event. Why the bet is compared with the predictions of bookmakers. And at the end a conclusion is made whether a certain event is undervalued or overvalued.

  • The main advantage of the method is the high protection of gambling capital. Especially if all the rules are followed.
  • Unfortunately, the drawback is the frequent distortions of the algorithm, leading to a loss.

Miller Strategy

Bets are placed only on such bets, the odds of the two outcomes of which are approximately equal.

  • The advantage is the high chance of always staying in the black.
  • Be that as it may, but small winnings can be attributed to the disadvantages of this method.

Strategy “overtaking”

The essence is to increase the new bet so as to constantly overlap the losing bets made earlier.

  • The main advantage is the ability to come out in the plus, with a competent calculation. Even if the total of losing bets was more than winning bets.
  • However, there is a risk that one day the player may fall on an unlucky series of events. The downside is that there simply may not be enough game bank to cover the losses.

Time-Match Strategy

Betting on a halftime match involves betting on the result of the match as a whole and one half at a time.

  • You can find high odds on matches where there is no clear favorite. Without a doubt, this is a big plus of the strategy presented.
  • The negative side of the method is that it is more difficult to predict the result of the first half of the match than the match as a whole.

The “corridor” strategy

Concludes in finding the most profitable “Corridor”. A bet is made simultaneously in two different bookmaker companies on the same event. In this case, the bet is made so that the total result gives a profit.

  • The positive side of the method can be attributed to the accuracy of predictions and large winnings.
  • One of the main drawbacks is the chance of picking the wrong corridor over a long distance. Moreover, because of this, it is guaranteed to go into deficit.

Value Betting” Strategy

According to the presented strategy, it is necessary to make bets on underestimated events. This requires constantly comparing your assessment of the likelihood of a particular event with the odds put up by the bookmaker company.

  • Fortunately, this strategy allows you to make a good profit over a long period of time.
  • The main disadvantage is the possibility of misjudging the odds, which will certainly lead to a loss of game capital.

Flat strategy

The essence of the Flat tactic consists in betting on a strictly verified amount. It is determined according to the size of the bank. Undoubtedly this allows not to lose your playing capital on long time intervals.

On the plus side, adhering to the strategy described above, you can gradually increase the bank and protect yourself from betting under the influence of emotions.

Incorrect calculation of rates and deviations from the planned schedule leads to the risk of losing the bank, and that is a minus.


To earn solid amounts of money from bets, each player needs to develop his own strategy. At the same time, it should be based on basic principles and constantly evolving. Of course, there are many forums with discussions of sports betting. There, people share their experiences and discuss the most promising strategies.

As it turns out, the Internet is already filled to the brim with both paid and free predictions on certain events from the world of sports. Despite this, the interest in betting continues to grow rapidly. Consequently, there are only more players each day. Sports betting is a game of wit, where you try to outsmart the bookmaker and the bookmaker outsmarts you.

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